Chawama Constituency pioneers rebranded Clean Up Zambia Campaign

The government has rebranded the Make Zambia Clean and Campaign program to Clean up Zambia campaign. The Local Government and Housing Minister Emerine Kabashi launched the program in Chawama Constituency and called upon the residents of Lusaka to refocus the attention towards up lifting the environmental standards of the city.

Speaking during the launch Local Government Minister Emerine Kabanshi said government was in a hurry to improve the living standard of the people by providing a conducive environment in which to live in. Ms Kabanshi urged the people of Chawama to lead by example in promoting cleanliness considering that the rebranding of the make Zambia clean and campaign program was done in that area. And Chawama Ward Two Councillor, Potipher Tembo said the Constituency with the help of the ward officials in the area, has embarked on an exercise to educate residents of Chawama Ward Two on the need to clean up their surroundings and proper dispose of the waste using the waste management strategies already existing in the community.

“In Chawama Ward Two we have already started sensitising the residents on proper refuse disposal; suffice to say that we are doing this through the internet, media and door to door communication,” Councillor Tembo said.

Councillor Tembo further said Chawama Ward Two has developed rapidly in the past two years adding that road infrastructure has expanded to five tarred roads from only one a few years ago. He said two more roads were earmarked for construction soon and that the contract had already been signed by the Road Development Agency (RDA). He said the new contract will see the construction of a direct route linking Chawama to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH).

“The construction of the two roads will start in March and this will open a direct route to UTH which will make it easy for the people of Chawama to move to and from the hospital. They will not have to pass through town which is costly,” Councillor Tembo said.

The Councillor also revealed that he has managed to organise the construction of an ablution block at Chawama market which did not have water for close to 12 years until last year.

“A similar situation was prevailing at Chawama Basic School whose toilets were in bad shape but as area councillor I took action by improving the school’s ablution block,” Mr. Tembo said.

The Councillor highlighted that among other successes he has recorded with his team since his election to the position of Area Councillor for Chawama Ward Two were putting up of a new Police Station in the area and a local court.

Councillor Tembo also revealed that the PF government has started putting up a constituency office and a police post in the constituency. Councillor Tembo further stated that the other plans his team has was to put up a library and a mini stadium in Chawama Ward Two by the year 2016.

“As a constituency we are making sure that all the Constituency Development Fund allocated to Chawama Constituency is used to construct various structures which will stand a test of time. Right now we can safely say that the CDF for Chawama has been prudently used and we will continue to consult the people what development they want before commencing any works because they are the biggest stakeholders in development,” he said. Councillor Tembo thanked government for its progressive programs of which Chawama Constituency has been a beneficiary.

Story courtesy of Lusaka City Council Public Relations Unit