Expansion of Burma and Chilimbulu roads

The Road Development Agency (RDA) last year (2013) awarded a contract to AVIC International (Z) Limited for the expansion, design and upgrading of approximately 408 kilometers of Lusaka City Roads including interchange, bus bays and walkways under the L400 project. The Contractor has so far been working on Mumbwa and Kabanana roads and this year on March 15, 2014 will commence the works on Burma and Chilimbulu roads.

In order to facilitate the expansion of the two roads in a dual carriageway Lusaka City Council would like to remind all property owners along Burma and Chilimbulu roads operating on the road reserve to begin winding up their businesses and vacate the premises within one week starting from Friday, February 28 to Friday, March 7, 2014. The Council further wishes to state that during the expansion of the two roads a good number of trees and other structures will be affected, thus the structures shall be at least 15 meters away from the edge of the existing road on either side.

The Council would like to appeal with all property owners and car washes lessees along the two roads to cooperate with this directive and begin to move their property because this development is to the benefit of the City and the nation as a whole, as it is intended to resolve the traffic congestion within the City of Lusaka. Failure to comply with the ultimatum given will leave the Local Authority with no option but use minimum force.