Lusaka district records an increase in dog bites

Lusaka District has in the recent past recorded an increase of cases of dog bites arising from stray dogs.  In a survey conducted by the District Community Health Office indicate that from January to February 19, 2014 a number of cases from different townships were recorded as follows: Kanyama-41, George-37, Chipata-36, Chawama-33, Chelstone-19 and Matero-19.

The rising cases of dog bites notably from stray dogs is a great concern to the Council especially that it endanger the health and safety of the public. Recently Lusaka City Council embarked on a mobile dog registration exercise in a bid to encourage the residents to vaccinate, register and confine their dogs within their premises in accordance with the requirement under the Control of Dogs Act, Cap 247 of the laws of Zambia. Since January 2014 when the mobile registration exercised started more than 770 dogs have been registered from three Constituencies namely Matero, Chawama and Kabwata. The registration exercise is intended to cover all the seven constituencies in Lusaka District.

Meanwhile, due to the rise of dog bites as revealed from the survey conducted by the Lusaka District Community Health Office, Lusaka City Council will this week commence killing all dogs which have not been vaccinated, registered and confined beginning with the constituencies where the exercise has already been conducted that is, Matero, Chawama and Kabwata Constituencies. The Council will not only kill the purported stray dogs but it will also prosecute the owners of the dogs and will charge penalties of K540 or two years imprisonment or both as stipulated by the Control of Dogs Act, Cap 247 of the laws of Zambia, for failure to vaccinate, register and confine the dogs within the owners premises.