Lusaka City Council has partnered with Lusaka Animal Welfare Society (LAWS) in order to enforce the protection and welfare of the animals within the City. Lusaka Animal Welfare Society is a non-profit organization which was established in 1993 for the care, treatment, rehabilitation and re-homing of abandoned, abused, neglected and stray dogs and cats in Lusaka.

LAWS has been working with committed volunteers, foster homes, local veterinarians, and trainers; thus the organisation is able to rescue hundreds of animals, provide them with loving temporary care, vaccinate, treat, neuter, and find them well-matched, carefully screened homes. Over the years LAWS has also served as a resource to the community and all pet owners by providing education and information on responsible pet ownership, including the importance of spay/neuter, positive behaviour training, and good nutrition.

Therefore in fostering this partnership LCC and LAWS will jointly enforce the existing laws such as Prevention to Animal Cruelty Act Cap 245 and the Control of Dogs Act Cap 247 of the laws of Zambia. Jointly operations will be conducted in various parts of the City and any pet owners who will be found wanting under these laws will be prosecuted.
The residents are therefore advised to vaccinate their dogs with established Veterinary Clinics, register them with the Council and confine them within their premises. Any act of abuse, neglect, animal cruelty as well as selling of dogs and puppies in undesignated places such as Manda Hill, Kabulonga traffic lights, Makeni junction and others will result in the involved persons being prosecuted. It should be further noted that according to the law the residents are only allowed to keep two (2) dogs, and keeping more than two will require permission from the council. Therefore, failure to adhere to the state laws herein will attract a penalty of K600 or two years imprisonment or both