Mighty City of Lusaka New Mayor

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Chaisa Ward 20 Councillor George Nyendwa is the new mayor for the City of Lusaka.
Councillor Nyendwa takes over from Kabulonga Ward 16 Councillor Mulenga Sat who was
recently appointed Deputy Minister at State House by His Excellence the President
Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu.
In his acceptance speech Councillor Nyendwa called for unity
among councillors if the expectations of the residents of Lusaka were to be met.
He said the City of Lusaka was grappling with myriad of challenges which needed
urgent attention by the Council, therefore there was need to put heads together
in finding lasting solutions to the prevailing challenges. “We do not have time
to waste, we need to work hard and ensure that we deliver to the people of
Lusaka,” he said.
Councillor Nyendwa further reminded his fellow councillors
that there was only 13 months between now and the next general elections in 2016
therefore continuity of the current leadership would depend on how well the leaders
in their various wards responded to the needs of their electorates. “I know I have a
capable team of councillors who can deliver but there is no room for complacency we
need to work extra hard, from now on myself and the deputy mayor will ensure that
we go round in all the wards to see what each councillor is doing,” he said.
Councillor Nyendwa also called on Lusaka City Council management to support
the councillors as they endeavour to discharge their duties. He noted that the
support from management in the councillor’s quest to discharge their duties was
indispensable. “I wish to extend my appeal to management to work together with
the councillors because as technocrats they are better placed to advise the politicians
were necessary,” he said. The councillor thank God for his election adding
that God’s time was the best. Councillor Nyendwa who is also an alderman is
one of the oldest serving councillors at Lusaka City Council with more than
10 years’ experience in the Chamber.