Dog Registration

Dog Registrations

Dog vaccination, registration and confinement are a requirement under the Control of Dogs Act, Cap 247 of the laws of Zambia. Therefore everyone who owns a dog is mandated by law to vaccinate, register and confine the dog(s) in accordance with the dictates of the Act. Failure to comply with the law will attract a penalty of up to K900 (3000 units X 30 Ngwee) or two years imprisonment or both. This page sets out the dog registration and registration renewal requirements and how and when you can apply.

Registration procedure

Dog vaccination and registration is done annually. Renewals and first registration must be done by 1st January and expires by 31st December of every year. Details on renewing your dog’s registration and this year’s fees are as follows:-

  1. First registration……….. K66
  2. Renewals………………… K54.45
  3. More than two dogs…… K82.50

Where do you register your dog(s)?

Dogs from the age of 3 months onwards must be registered with the Lusaka City Council.  To register a dog(s) the Council require a valid vaccination certificate from a registered and recognised Veterinary Clinic. The following registration centres are operational so far:-

  • Cleansing Depot behind ZESCO Headquarters
  • Civic Centre, Public Health Department, Independence Avenue

The Council will soon open more registration centres in Kanyama, Chilenje, Matero, Chelstone, Chipata and Chawama compounds.

If you have vaccinated your dog for the first time, you have one month from the date of vaccination to register your dog with the Council.  It is an offence under the Dog Control Act Cap 247 to have a vaccinated dog which is not registered.

If you wish to keep more than two dogs you require a Dispensation Licence from the Local authority.  You will also be eligible for a fee rebate if your dog has been neutered.



Are there special forms for registration?

Yes. You will be required to fill in an application form for registration; therefore to register a dog the owner must go in person either at Cleansing Depot behind ZESCO Headquarters or Civic Centre, Public Health Department, Independence Avenue.

Download Dog Registration application form here

Full details of your dog will be required during registration

During registration the Council does not need the actual dog to be presented, what is required is the valid vaccination certificate and the following information:

  • The dog’s name
  • The breed and/or type of dog
  • Its age, colour and sex
  • Has the dog been neutered (de-sexed)
  • Details of any micro-chip or other specific means of identification.
  • Previous owner details where some other person has previously owned the dog.
  • Previous registration details where the dog has been registered either under the name of a previous owner or with another Council.
  • Certification confirming the dog has been neutered, micro-chipped and previous registration details as applicable.

Why should you pay for registration?

The registration and renewal fees are used to purchase the dog collar tag and the certificate.  The collar tag will be issued upon receipt of your registration fee and any other charges due.

For enquiries please do not hesitate to get touch with:

The Department of Public Health………..+260 211 252941

Pest Control Section……………………………+260 211 227298

Public Relations…………………………………+260 211 252048