LCC commences solid waste tariff bundling pilot project

Lusaka City Council has commenced the piloting of solid waste tariff bundling project in Chipata Compound. The solid waste tariff bundling pilot is being done with the support of CARE Zambia under a project called Community Driven Models for Equitable Services (COMEQS) and it is intended to contribute to the improvement of living conditions through increased access to solid waste management services at low tariffs.

The model of the project is such that a 20 litres water container purchased from the Water Trust will now cost 50 Ngwee, out of which 10 Ngwee will go towards the provision of solid waste management services in the community. The solid waste Community Based Enterprises (CBEs) will now be obliged to collect from all residents and the waste collection costs will be recovered through the Water Trust. A tractor and trailer, and two (2) push carts procured by CARE Zambia will be used by the CBEs. Meanwhile, households accessing water from private boreholes will be required to pay directly to the CBEs.

This project is also being supported by other partners such as Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) and the National Water and Sanitation Council (NWASCO).