Preparations for the elections of Zone and Ward Development Committees

Lusaka City Council wishes to inform the residents in the City that the council has commenced preparations for the elections of Zone and Ward Development Committees for Lusaka district. The residents are therefore free to contest for elections in their respective Wards.

The key role of the Ward Development Committees is to facilitate community participation in local development and decision making at grass root level in conjunction with Ward Councillors.

The following are the qualifications for one to be eligible to be elected at a Zonal and Ward Development Committee:

  1. He/She be a Zambian citizen who has at least attained the age of 18

  2. Has not been convicted of any criminal offence in the last five (05) years

  3. Be a resident of that particular zone for not less than one (01) year regardless of their social status, race, creed, belief or sex

  4. Have attained grade nine (9) or at least its equivalent as a minimum qualification

  5. Not be involved in active partisan politics and must not hold a position of Area Member of Parliament, Councillor or Chief.

  6. Must be nominated by at least two (02) and supported by five (05) registered voters of that particular Zone.

Lusaka City Council is therefore inviting all interested residents to participate in the Zone and Ward elections to be held in all the Wards in Lusaka.

For further information visit:

Civic Center: Peri Urban Section, Room 18 or the District Planning Office.