Lusaka Mayor tours army worms/stalk borer affected fields

Lusaka City Mayor Mr Wilson Kalumba has conducted a tour of army worms /stalk borer affected fields in Lusaka’s Foxdale area. The Mayor expressed concern at the level of destruction caused by a combined army worms and stalk borers and has assured the farmers in the district that the government had put in place measures to combat the insects. Mr Kalumba disclosed that in Lusaka district about 3 100 farmers have been affected and that a total of 7800 hectares has been invaded by a combined breed of army worms and stalk borers. He said in combating the insects from causing further damage the government has provided chemicals which were being sprayed in all the affected fields. The Mayor revealed that for Lusaka district a total of 680 litres of chemicals has so far been used while another 4 700 litres was being expected.

With the support already coming from the government I am certain that we will be able to bring the situation under control,” he said.

Meanwhile Lusaka District Agriculture Coordinator Moses Daka has further indicated that 30 Zambia National Service officers have been engaged to spray in the affected fields. He said with the increase in the demand from the affected farmers more officers would be engaged. “We have 30 officers already working on the ground but there are 60 more on standby,” he said. Mr. Daka expressed happiness with the work being done by Zambia National Service and was hopeful that the rate at which the work was being done the situation was going to be contained.