Mayor Kalumba Meets ZICTA Director General

His Worship the Mayor Mr Wilson Kalumba discuss with the ZICTA Director General Mrs Margaret Mudenda, while Mr Mulenga Chisanga Director Market Development looks on

His Worship the Mayor Mr, Wilson Kalumba met with the ZICTA Director General Mrs Margaret Mudenda at Civic Centre, among other issues the duo discussed the possibility to collect garbage fees using mobile networks. The mayor is trying to find a workable solution to waste management in the city by coming up with a system which would compel all waste generators to pay for waste. Further Mayor Kalumba is working on a framework to raise funds to invest in equipment required to run an efficient solid waste management system in Lusaka. The Mayor has already begun engaging financial advisers on the same. Currently waste collection is only done to households which have subscribed to either franchise contractors or community based enterprises, a system the mayor feels is not effective as it did not compel every waste generator to pay.