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Lusaka city council Administration

The Department of Administration plays a major role in the Council in the area of providing functional civic responsibilities to the community of Lusaka. There are several areas in which the department helps the Council to achieve its intended goals for the benefit of the residents of Lusaka.

Some of the key areas in which the department effectively contributes to the achievement of the set objectives of the Council and to the fulfillment of its social and legal responsibilities are as follows:-

  • Servicing Committees and Council meetings and relaying Council resolutions to departments for implementation
  • Enforcement of Council By-Laws (e.g. Anti-Street vending operation)
  • Registration of Marriages, Deaths, Societies, Clubs and Traditional healers
  • Administration of Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government election
  • Audit Unit
  • Tender
  • Dissemination of information about Lusaka City Council

Operational Units

The following units of the department are key to the effective and efficient functioning of the department, and are responsible for ensuring that the social and legal responsibilities indicated above are achieved to the satisfaction of the residents of Lusaka.

  • Committee Section
  • Police Unit
  • Administration
  • Audit Unit
  • Procurement and Supply Unit
  • Public Relations Unit
  • Nakatindi Hall and Marriage Office

Registration of Societies and clubs

The department undertakes registration of associations such as clubs, societies, and traditional healers.
It is a legal requirement that all persons operating in the Lusaka District as indicated above, register such organizations/societies with the Registrar of Societies at our office in the old wing, Civic Center, room 216.

Procedure for registration of societies/clubs

You see the Registrar of Societies at the Ministry of Home Affairs
Inform the Police before Council endorses upon payment of K5,000. This sum is paid once every year.

Procurement and Supplies Unit

The unit is the centralized agency for the procurement of materials, supplies, equipment and services required by all departments of the City Council.
In addition, the unit is also responsible for:

Material and equipment disposal
Inventory Control

The City of Lusaka co-operates in the purchase of goods and services with other entities such as:

Zambia National Tender Board
Ministry of Local Government and Housing
National Roads Board

We seek to ensure that qualified vendors, suppliers and contractors have the opportunity to do business with the City of Lusaka. View our “How to sell to the City of Lusaka page for more information.” The unit is responsible for administration of tenders, consultancy works and services.

For more details contact:

Procurement and Supplies Unit
Lusaka City Council
P O Box 30077
Phone/Fax -(260) 01 252328

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