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Pay points Available in the City

Civic Center – Opens from 08:00 hours to 16:00 hours (Monday to Friday)
08:30 hours to 12:00 hours on Saturday
Sundays and Public holidays remains closed

Chelstone mini Civic Center – Opens from 08:00 hours to 15:00 hours from Monday to Friday.

Matero Community Hall- Opens from 08:00 hours to 15:00 hours from Monday to Friday.

Town Center (at Lusaka Clothing Factory along Chachacha Road opposite Development Bank of
Opens from 08:00 hours to 15:00 hours from Monday to Friday.

Future plans
Twenty (20) more sites around the city have been identified to be made into pay points. This will be provided in each constituency. The service shall facilitate online payments and other transactions in the same manner as at Civic Center.

NOTE: There are times when the system is down due to power outages or system failure at Civic Center, this affects the operations at the other pay points, clients are hereby encouraged to make payments and receive manual receipts which are later captured into the Billing system when the system is restored.

Payments can also be made in respective site offices for Ground Rent situated in various Peri-Urban areas (un-planned settlements).

DDACC Payments
LCC is in the process of partnering with ZANACO for DDACC payments. In due course the public will be informed once this method of paying for bills and other services is ready.

Customer Care
In the event that a customer has a query, the Customer Care Center at Civic center has staff on duty to respond. These include update of details on property accounts, application for various trade licenses etc.
Please visit the Customer Care office at Civic Center, along Independence Avenue, ground floor, Rates section or call us on 260 211 253611

Telemast and Pole Levies
Statutory instrument number 40 of 2008 under the local government act volume 16 cap 281 gave local authorities power to levy all telemasts erected within the jurisdiction of each respective council as follows:-

City councils KR 4000.00 per annul per mast
Municipal councils KR 4500.00 per annul per mast
District councils KR 5000.00 per annul per mast
Further statutory instrument number 58 of 2006 under the local government act volume 16 cap 281 mandated councils throughout Zambia to levy pole levy on every wooden pole and ore concrete steel pylon erected within the boundaries of a council are as follows Lusaka City Council area
KR 2.20 per steel concrete pylon per year
KR 0.60 per wooden pole per year

Other Site Rentals
The council is in the process of introducing site rentals for communication masts constructed on council reserved land in the same way the council charges car washes on council reserved land.

Q. How does someone obtain a title deed or occupancy license for his or her property?
A client has to meet the following requirements

  • To clear all outstanding bills on the property, be it rates or ground rent.
  • For a title payment of KR302.50 will be required
  • For an occupancy license KR 242.00
  • For a land record KR 181.50

For properties such as those in Chilenje, Matero, Helen Kaunda, Kabanana, Kuomboka (Chawama) Chunga and Kaunda Square, the following will be required in addition to requirement number (i)

  • Certified copy of offer letter from the council
  • Certified copy of tenant card and payment card
  • Certified copy of NRC of owner whether deceased or not

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