When a resident acquires a fireman either by transfer of ownership or direct acquisition (purchase from firearm authorised dealers) it will be duty of the individual to license the firearm with the local authority in this case Lusaka City Council if that individual resides in the city of Lusaka .
The firearm must be taken for inspection at the Zambia Police firearm central registry situated at the force headquarters. After it has been inspected and registered the central firearm registry upon being satisfied with the firearm. The client is now issued with a certificate of registration which bears information relating to the firearm and details of ownership. These documents are brought to LCC issuance of firearm certificate upon production of these documents at the firearm counter the cashier examines the documents and if the documents are valid a firearm certificate is grants. The same procedure is followed when an individual is renewing the license. The license is valid for 3 years. Firearm categories (type) include: all makes of pistol, rifle, shotgun and revolver. However it is important to note that firearm certificates are obtained from ministry of finance who decides how many each local authority should be allocated upon placing an order. Where these documents run out of stock at LCC a client is free to visit any other council within the republic of Zambia.