Health Education Unit is responsible for coordination of all health prevention and promotion activities within the city of Lusaka in collaboration with Housing and social Services Department. Furthermore, the unit provides technical assistance to NGOs, Community Volunteers and other line ministries when need arises.
Services offered include:

  • Sensitizing the public on various issues and hygiene promotion in collaboration with stakeholders in order to promote good health practices in Lusaka.
  • Health and nutrition talks in Lusaka City Council (LCCs)’ Community Centres.
  • Health Information, Education and Community (IEC) material production, supplying and distribution to stakeholders including the community.
  • Working in co-operation with stakeholders in planning and implementing Health and Nutrition promotion activities.
  • Technical assistance through conducting training in infant and Young Child Feeding Counseling and HIV and AIDS, including Training of Trainers in collaboration with other stakeholders.
  • Technical assistance through trainings of Community Health Workers, Child Health promoters including Training of Trainers in collaboration with other stakeholders.
  • Training of Community Volunteers in Cholera prevention.

To access these services, a request should be made through the Town Clerk’s office, Lusaka City Council, Civic Centre, along Independence Avenue. You can visit the office or call on +260211252997
Location of Health Education office
Health Education Unit is under the Department of Public Health, room 108 at the Civic Centre, Old Wing along Independence Avenue.