Tracking your application




1)         Stand 2177, Woodlands Residential to Business (Offices)


2)         Sub 67/Sub A/609, Chelston


Residential to Commercial (Restaurant & Guest House)


3)         Sub C/Sub 45 of Farm 50a, Lilayi Agricultural to Residential


4)         Lot 15257, Libala South Agricultural to Residential


5)         Stand 35990, Longacres Residential to Commercial (Conference Room)


6)         Stand 35370, Longacres Residential  to Business (Offices)


7)         Sub 25/Sub A/609, Avondale Residential to Institutional (Clinic)


8)         Sub 105/Sub 4/Sub A/396a, Makeni Residential to Commercial (warehouse)


9)         Stand 1330, Longacres Residential to Business (Offices)


10)      Stand 1186,  Rhodespark Residential to Business (Offices)


11)      Sub A/128/110a, Villa Elizabetha Residential to Business (Offices)


12)      Sub 7/15/687a, Makeni Residential to Institutional (Nursery School)


13)      Stand 137, Jesmondine Residential  Business (Offices and Restaurant)
14)      Stand 1880, Northmead Residential to Institutional



15)      Stand Lus/24401, Libala South Residential to Commercial ( Guest House)


16)      Sub 49/919 Lusaka South, Agricultural to Residential


17)      Sub 217of Farm 397a, Makeni Agricultural to Mixed Use (Business, Light Industrial and Residential)


18)      Stand 2620, Chelston Residential to Business (Offices)


19)      Sub A638/J/34872,Opposite Chipata Compound (SOS Area) Residential to Commercial (Shops)



20)      Stand 6574, Olympia Residential to Commercial (Shops)


21)      F156/401a, Makeni. Commercial to Residential


22)      Stand 34172/917, Kamwala South Residential to Commercial (Offices)


23)      Stand 1041/7417, Chilenje South Residential to Commercial (Shops & Offices)


24)      Stand 10176, Nyumba Yanga Residential to Institutional (School)