The council consists of democratically elected councillors representing their electorate in the twenty–eight (28) wards, five (5) constituencies and Management, which implements Council policies. The Council works hand in hand with the District Administration in the execution of development programmes, and is the Secretariat of the District Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC). The DDCC, which is chaired by the District Commissioner, is composed of line ministries, NGOs, private sector and Community-Based Organisations (CBOs) and is responsible for monitoring and coordinating developmental programmes and projects in the City.

The Role of the Ward Councillor

Ward councillors play a central role in the communication process between the communities they represent and the Council, reporting back regularly through ward meetings and assisting the community in identifying needs and priority areas of development, which feeds into the municipality’s planning processes.

A ward councillor is directly elected to represent and serve the people in a specific ward. There are usually between 3 000 and 20 000 voters in a ward. The ward councillor should make sure that the interests of the people in the ward are represented as properly as possible.

The ward councillor should be in touch with the issues in the area, understand the key problems and monitor development and service delivery. In committees, caucus and council meetings, the ward councillor should act as a spokesperson for the people in the ward.

The ward councillor is the direct link between the council and the voters. He/she makes sure that voters are consulted and kept informed about council decisions, development and budget plans that affect them.

People can also bring their problems to the ward councillor and he/she should deal with these in an appropriate way, for example, by taking up matters with council officials. The ward councillor is assisted by the ward committee.

Ward Concelor Details
Name: Andrew-Mwanakulanga
Name: Derrick-Mbuzi
Name: Gilbert sendama
Name: Peken-Sikaja
Name: Netty-Sinyangwe
Name: Mulimba-Yasini
Name: Moses-Mwelwa
Name: Michael-Silwimba
Name: Likando-Maboshe
Name: Kamwata-Pongo
Name: Judy-C-Beene
Name: Henry-Phiri
Name: Edgar C Mulwanda
Name: Gordon Masempela
Name: Andrew Kalemba