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MAY 2013


1)         Sub 7/15/687a, Makeni Residential to Institutional l (Nursery School)


2)         Sub A/17/A/49a, Mimosa Agricultural to Residential


3)         Stand 25589, Woodlands -Chalala Residential to Institutional  (Medical Centre)


4)         Lot 15259/M, Libala South Agricultural to Residential
5)         Sub E/17/B/2344, Makeni East Agriculture to residential


6)         Lot 14890/M, Lusaka South Agriculture to residential


7)         Rem/B/693, Barlastone Agriculture to Institutional (Orphanage)
8)         Sub B/31/D/1/A/687 , Makeni


Small Holding to Residential


9)         Stand 5447  Kalundu Residential to Business (Offices)


10)      Sub 1/A/35/488a , Kabulonga Residential to Business (Offices)


11)      Sub N/3515, Rhodes Park Residential to Institutional  (Nursery School)


12)      Sub A/2051, Twin Palm Agricultural to Residential


13)      Sub B/1/E/487, New Kasama  Agricultural to Business (Offices & Storage House)


14)      Stand 295/A/378a , Avondale Residential to Institutional (Nursery School)


15)      Sub D1/12092, Woodlands Extension Residential to Institutional
16)      Stand 265/11320, Kabwata Residential to Business (Guest Houses)


17)      Stand 6084, Northmead Residential to Commercial (Offices)


18)      Stand 1515/35 , Northmead Residential to Commercial (Offices)


19)      Stand F609/E/53/D, Chamba valley Agricultural to Residential
20)      Stand 1766/M, Ibex Hill Agricultural to Residential
21)      Stand 4146, Rhodes Park Residential to Business (Offices)
22)      Stand 1382/7426, Kaunda Square Stage I Residential to Business (Cyber Centre)