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There are numerous Police Stations and Posts located in strategic positions of the City. If you have any thing to tell the police, call the following numbers.


Name Location Contact numbers
Lusaka Central Police Church road 220361
Crime Investigation Unit Church Road 252119
Chilenje Police Muramba Road 261002
Chinika Police Post Old Mumbwa Road
Chelston Police Post Palm Drive/Ngwrere Avenue 281896
Emmasdale Police Station Great North Road 245323
International Airport Police Post International Airport Grounds 271363
Kabwata Police Station Burma Road 251622
Matero Police Station Commonwealth Avenue 243946
Libala Police Station Libala 263178
Woodlands Police Station Gizenga Road 264894
Chalimbana Police Station 281892
Chilanga Police Station Chilanga 278122
Kanyama Police Station
Kafue Police Station Kafue
UTH Police Station Nationalist Road 252171
Roma Police Station
Town Centre Police Station 235210
Northmead Police Station 294987
Westwood Police Station 230792
Makeni Police Station 272072


NOTE: The following are essential hotlines to the police service headquarters in Lusaka.


Public Relations Officer 250289
General lines 253161