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Welcome to the Lusaka City Council Website

 I am glad to introduce you to this service which gives members of the public an opportunity to interact with us directly from your own homes and places of work.  Due to the various services which the Council offers both to the local and international clients we thought it was necessary to put up this website not only to interact with you our clients but also to introduce some of the services the Lusaka City Council offers which may be of interest to you.

As a council, we have developed a vision and mission statement through our strategic plan which gives us direction and belief based on our institutional philosophy.Through our mission statement we envisage becoming the best managed and accountable council which will be responsive to the needs of the residents of the City of Lusaka and this shall be achieved through the provision of efficient and effective services through participatory approaches and sustainable use of resources. Our operations as an institution are guided by corporate values which include: Integrity, Transparency, Accountability, Impartiality, Confidentiality, Collaboration, Excellence Dedication, Efficiency and Customer service. The 2010-2015 Strategic Plan has also identified pillars that would steer the Council towards achievement of its vision. These are:

  1. Strengthening institutional governance’s and improvement of public image
  2. Enhancement of institutional capacity
  3. Infrastructure development and congesting of the Central Business District
  4. Effective management of solid waste and promotion of environmental conservation
  5. Maintenance of high health standards through various public health sensitisation programs
  6. Enhance revenue base and efficient utilisation
  7. Enhance community participation in all civic matters within the City of Lusaka

In discharging our mandated duties we believe that the residents of the City of Lusaka have the right to quality, efficient and effective services and we also we believe that the elected councillors have an obligation to make decisions which are in the best interest of the residents. We therefore commit ourselves to this cause and we hope to update this site regularly with news, information, plans and reports for your attention, reaction and action so please make it a habit to regularly visit this website for your updates and to see if there is anything that interests you.

May I also take this rare but significant opportunity to call upon all our stakeholders to support the council initiatives and partner with us. The task of service delivery is very demanding we will therefore rely on your support through corporate social responsibility and/or indeed through public private partnership. The Council is also in a process of developing a Service Charter which will guide the operation of the institution in service delivery, this will help us to act on the residents’ concerns on time and we hope that it will also steer institutional confidence in our residents.  I thank you for planning to be part of a progressive city and I want also to thank government for its support and for being part of the initiatives to make the City of Lusaka a leading city in Zambia. I welcome all to this informative website!

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