Mulenga Sata
Mayor of the Greater City of Lusaka


Welcome to Lusaka City Council website. I am glad that you have found time to visit our website hope that it will be help to you.  The Lusaka City Council website was developed to provide you our partners and clients with information concerning the operations, procedures and laws to be followed by those who live, work, conduct business and visit the City of Lusaka. Generally the City of Lusaka is a progressive city and has a lot to offer to all the people who have a progressive mind. Economically the city has continued to show strong indications of growth as evidenced by unprecedented infrastructure development largely due to its conducive and investor friendly environment. As a city we are excited so far about the remarkable strides we’ve made in transforming our city into a world class capital city.

The City of Lusaka is also known for its rich history, a tradition of innovation and a culturally and ethnically diverse citizenry and this has helped to achieve a fiscal stability, economic investment and job growth and a positive environment that is attracting new families and investors. Through this website we will have a pleasure of sharing with you detailed information concerning the City of Lusaka and some of the business opportunities you may wish to venture in as per Zambian regulations. As a Council we are determined to move progressively toward a better future and I hope that with this website up and running we will be able to share information and views from you our esteemed partners both at home and abroad.

On the other hand, it is also fair to mention that Lusaka like many other cities in the world has its own challenges among others traffic congestion due to inadequate road network, waste management, floods during rainy season just to mention but a few. However you may wish to know that the Government of the Republic of Zambia through its plans to better and improve the livelihood of our people has embarked on a massive road network projects both at the national and local levels. At the national level a project dubbed Link Zambia 8000 was been commissioned by His Excellence the President of the Republic of Zambia Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata and this will target major roads countrywide, meanwhile at local level projects such as L 400 and Pave Zambia 200 have been commissioned to improve the standard of the major roads in the city and Peri-urban areas respectively. The Council with the help of the Japanese Government has also developed a Comprehensive Urban Development Master Plan which will address sanitation issues, floods by way of providing effective drainage’s and ring roads which will reduce congestion especially in the Central Business District (CBD). As envisaged already the city is poised to experience a surge of economic development activities.

As a city we are hopeful that better days are not too far, we only hope that through interactions both physically and this created website we will work to create an atmosphere we shall all be proud of now and in future. From the efforts being made by the local authority, it is indicative that Lusaka is a city with a renewed feeling of hope and optimism.

So please as you visit our website leave us your thoughts on how you think we can improve in our service delivery and where we have done well we will appreciate to hear that fair comment. Otherwise in order to make this website an important tool of communication as a local authority we will endeavor to update you with latest developments as and when need arises; you are also welcome to visit us at our offices if you are not satisfied with what we have provided on this website.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
God bless