My names are Wilson Chisala Kalumba, I am a Zambian Citizen, aged 52 years old and currently I am the Mayor of Lusaka City under the sponsorship of the Patriotic Front (PF) Party ticket.

My Qualifications
I am  a  Chartered Accountant qualified under the Association of Chartered Certified   Accountants (ACCA) following my studies at Emile Wolf College in London and I am a Fellow Member of the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA). I later on obtained my Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, United Kingdom. I am also a Certified Forensic Accountant a specialized designation awarded by the American College of Forensic Examiners in the United States. In addition, I hold  a Leadership Development Program in Strategic Financial   Analysis for Business Evaluation from Harvard Business School at Harvard University. Other certifications include being Associate    Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitration, Zambia Branch and also being a Certified Credit Rating Analyst by Moody’s.

My Experience
I have over 24 years work experience, most of which with Bank of Zambia where I worked for 18 years before leaving to start a new venture in 2014. I was the Deputy Director in the Bank Supervision Department where I was responsible for assessing the financial performance and condition of commercial banks and the banking industry thereby contributing to safeguarding the people’s money in the banks by ensuring that banks remained financially sound and safe. I therefore have deep insights for high financial performance bench marks with a flair for problem solving covering complex issues. These include assessing proposed financial products with the overall aim of ensuring customer protection. In my day to day duties I led a highly qualified, motivated and engaged Team of Professionals.

In addition, I represented the Bank of Zambia on outside   bodies such as appointment by Cabinet Office to Chair the Contingency Planning Committee charged with the responsibility of designing the country’s financial sector contingency plan. I also represented the Bank of Zambia as member of the Licensing Committee of the Securities and Exchange Commission and as Chair of SME Committee at ZICA.

For 7 years, between  2001 to 2009, I was based at the United Nations Headquarters, New York, USA, serving appointments by the United Nations Secretary Generals Mr Kofi Anan and Ban Ki-moon, a Financial and Economic Sanctions Expert where I was responsible for monitoring the Implementation of sanctions against identified targets. This appointment took me around the world  to engage with  national authorities in order to assess effectiveness of national measures and in the process I developed diplomatic skills to handle sensitive matters with national Governments.

During my tenure at UN I developed a strong international network of Heads of Government Departments and Institutions in several countries and locally the network extends to CEOs and Senior Management of Banks, private Companies and Government Departments. I started my career with Pricewaterhouse, an auditing firm in 1990 but after one year I moved to another auditing firm, Coopers & Lybrand which I later left to join Bank of Zambia in 1992.

I am the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Credit Rating Agency Limited (CRA), Zambia’s first ever credit rating company, that rates the credit  worthiness of banks, non-corporate, insurance companies, SMEs and Governments. My responsibilities include: to provide overall leadership and direction to this young company which is the only one of its kind in Zambia where I am also responsible for business development and customer acquisition, developing and implementing the company’s strategic plan.

My Vision for Lusaka City Council
Overarching objective is to transform Lusaka City Council into a Council that is:

“Responsive to the needs, interests and aspirations of individuals and stakeholders within its community…and seek to ensure that Council resources are used prudently and distributed equitably.”