Trade licensing deals with the law relating to the licensing of various trades and businesses and any other matters incidental to or connected with the foregoing.
People eligible to obtain a trading license
Every Zambian and any authorised person who is engaged in selling wares or merchandise within Lusaka city is expected to apply for a license to enable such a person to conduct trade.
When to apply or renew
New applications can be made at any time of the year whereas payment for renewal for established businesses should be made by 1st July to 31st October for the following year’s trading. For further details please contact our customer care centre a Civic Centre,ground floor,new wing along Independence Avenue or
Procedure of obtaining a Trade License and other Licenses

  • Obtain a certificate of Registration Incorporation
  • This can be done at the registrar of companies and partners (Mwayi house) alon Haille Selaise Avenue
  • Advertise in the government gazette
  • This can be done at the government printers. Details include Postal box, location applicants name
  • Advertise in any of the daily papers
  • This can be done in any of the daily papers e.g. Post, Daily Mail, Times of Zambia. Details will include as in 2 above
  • Obtain City planning, Fire and Health approval

A fire certificate is issued upon fire brigade inspection.
Submit 1, 2 and 3 and obtain an application form. All forms are obtained at the Civic Centre, in Revenue hall at a fee of K5,000 (currently).
The license fee vary according to the type of license. For more details, visit our customer service centre,ground floor,licensing office..
NOTE:When an application does not meet the requirements or an applicant does not submit, the application will not be considered.
Maximum period of issuance of a license is one week (i.e when the applicant meets all the requirement).
For further information
Contact: Mr Conllins Hamukombo
Civic Centre, New wing, ground floor
Phone: 252995; 097 7 563767